Why going for a standard therapy if there are no standardized cancers?

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Our mission is to shape the future of cancer therapy by providing:
Up to 400+ therapy options being tested

By using microfluidic technology, tiny biopsies are sufficient to perform more than a thousand tests to determine the best therapeutic option for each patient.

Targeted data analysis

We use proprietary computational programs and machine learning to derive the best possible therapy for each patient, while applying strict quality controls for all data sets obtained from microfluidic screens.

Fast results

Our results are available within 24h. Hence, the most effective drug combinations are communicated to the doctors before the therapy starts and repetitive screens can be performed to monitor resistances and to determine effective second line alternatives.

Affordable screening cost

Due to miniaturization, reagent costs are strongly reduced and we can offer patient screens at prices similar to those for standard diagnostic techniques (e.g. MRI scans).

Preformed screens

We work together with hospitals in Germany, the Netherlands and Switzerland. They provide us directly with cancer samples form consenting patients

10 Years of research
Highly skilled people

Highly skilled experts in microfluidic technology and personalized medicine The strength of TheraME! is its team's multidisciplinary expertise.

TheraME! partners sponsors

TheraME! has gained the support of renowned partners. In 2018, The potential of our technology for both, clinical applicability and commercialization has been recognized by the German Ministry of Economy and Energy. In a highly competitive call, our approach has been awarded with an EXIST grant. In 2020, we have been awarded with a prestigious Innosuisse grant of the Swiss Innovation Agency and in 2021 we received large funding through the PHRT strategic focus area of the ETH Domain.